Our new motto...

Last week, at the PAO academy, we were presented with CAP's new "branding statement."

The following video was shown at the National Conference. It is now available to watch on YouTube.

"Missions for America" was one of our previous taglines. The idea of a brand is that it brings awareness. People hear it over and over. And, soon, they begin to make the association between the brand and the product. (The product in this case is us.) It is a powerful marketing tool.

As you just heard, our brand is...CAP is "more than meets the skies."

Dissension among the ranks

There has been much discussion over the last week among Civil Air Patrol's public affairs officers. People are chiming in from across the country on a list-serve that many PAO's subscribe to. Most people are not in favor of the new tagline.

I believe they simply do not know how to leverage it. As I mentioned in a previous post, CAP HQ hired a consulting firm to help us better market our organization. The more effectively that we spread the message, the more awareness we can create.

I like it

I like the new brand . Yes, I know, "More than meets the skies" sounds very similar to "Transformers, more than meets the eye."

I suspect it was no coincidence that the branding phrase sounds the same as the lyrics to a blockbuster movie released in the same year. It's almost guaranteed name recognition. When I heard it for the first time, I kept thinking, "Where have I heard that before?"

Furthermore, it really feels good that CAP is supporting us as PAOs. It feels good that the organization has faith in PAOs to carry on the message that they, no doubt, paid alot of money for.

Why did they choose that phrase?

Here's why that phrase has been chosen. Through various surveys and polls, the marketing consultants hired by CAP HQ found that the average America who has heard of CAP associates our organization with flying, when we do so much more. The idea of the new brand is to get the word out about how much we do in the community and for the community.