CLC Training

This past weekend, I attended the Corporate Learning Course. This class is required for promotion to the rank of Major. I am far from achieving the upper ranks. However, I chose to attend the class to learn more about Civil Air Patrol in order to be a more effective public affairs officer. You'd think the class would be full of captains. However, I was joined by many First and Second Lieutenants.

Unlike Squadron Leadership School which focused on leadership and communication skills, this class focused on the inner workings of CAP. The course was presented by various members of the wing staff. Each department head or their representative explained their job function and duties within the wing and how their work supports the three main missions of CAP.

This class was VERY interesting. I learned alot of little details that I had never heard before. I really think this class should be required much earlier in the process. It is a great introduction into how the wing works. There are no requirements for attendance in terms of rank, so I suggest new members attend future sessions along with anyone who wants to learn more about the different jobs in CAP.