Cadet Receives Joslin Memorial Flight Scholarship

Cadet Capt. Jeff Williams, who is the Cadet Deputy Commander of Bowie Composite Squadron has received the Joslin Memorial Flight Scholarship from Colonel Walling.

Williams has been a member of CAP for about three years and has a passion for aviation. "What motivated me to get it is that I wanted to reach my dream of helping others through my love of aviation," Williams said.

With this scholarship, Williams also hopes to develop and to continue training to becoming a FAA certified private pilot.

In order to receive this award, Williams mentioned that a cadet must be selected as one of the six cadets in Maryland Wing to attend the Solo School. The application included an essay on why he wanted to attend the school and what he planned to do with the training received from Solo School. In addition, he was required to submit his grades from school, provide a resume, and go on an interview with the school selection board.

For cadets interested in applying for this scholarship, Williams offered this advice "Do everything! Involve yourself as much as you can in CAP and make sure you push to do better even when you may think you're the best."

"I just want to say that I give all the glory to God for letting this happen and I thank Colonel Walling for being generous enough to award me with this scholarship," Williams said.
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