Cadet Staff Prepares for Encampment

By: 2011 Tri-Wing Encampment Staff
Cadet Col. John Brennan, cadet commander and Bowie Squadron member; Cadet Lt. Col. Jason LaPre, cadet vice commander; Cadet Lt. Col Kathleen Crockett, cadet chief of staff; and Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Heber Deus, cadet command chief master sergeant introduce themselves to the staff.

While cadets hoping to attend encampment fill out applications and obtain necessary equipment, the 2011 Tri-Wing Encampment staff is hard at work ensuring this year's encampment will be a motivating and valuable experience for the over 180 cadet basics registered.

More than fifty Civil Air Patrol members met at Camp Fretterd this April 9-10 and June 10-11 for the traditional Staff Training Weekend. There they completed Required Staff Training, polished their Drill & Ceremonies knowledge, and planned with their fellow staff members- all towards the common goal of giving this year s cadet basics the same amazing experience they remember.

The Tri-Wing Encampment, held jointly by Maryland Wing, Delaware Wing, and National Capital Wing, is a ten-day training exercise held each summer at Camp Fretterd Military Reservation, a Maryland Army National Guard facility. Civil Air Patrol encampments are designed to provide CAP members the opportunity to develop leadership potential, time management skills, discipline, and interpersonal skills, while learning how to overcome challenges. For the staff, returning can feel a lot like coming home. Cadet Maj. Aaron Hull, Squadron One commander, explains:  Coming back to Camp Fretterd is good feeling. There are so many significant places Division Hall, the barracks, the parade field that you associate with great memories and it s a lot to take in at once.

An encampment as large as Tri-Wing requires a lot of planning and dedication from the staff. Coordinating classroom sessions, the drill and ceremonies curriculum, nightly volleyball competitions, guest speakers, and three fantastic rotation days made possible by the Maryland National Guard takes a lot of time and cooperation.  The rotation days are the best days of encampment for the basics,  says Cadet 2nd Lt. Joshua Blanks, Charlie Flight commander.  They ll fly an orientation flight in a C-130J, rappel down 30 and 100 foot walls under the supervision of MDARNG rappel masters, and participate in the weapons simulator. The rotation days are really amazing opportunities, and knowing that we helped make them happen is a great part of being on staff.  Cadets and senior members alike agree with this sentiment, telling stories from their demanding cadet basic year or from previous years on staff.

Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Heber Deus, this year s cadet command chief, says he is very excited about getting to meet new cadets from across the region and teach them how to be better followers and future leaders.  The amount of basics this year is another thing to be excited for. I look forward to meeting them all and building up a strong encampment. I have a feeling they will learn as much from me as I will from them.  Cadet Lt. Col. Jason LaPre, cadet vice commander, also feels that this year s staff brings something new to the mix.  There are so many younger generation staff members and they add certain energy to the encampment. Having a younger generation also gives us good future in the upcoming line and exec staff. It s easy to see how dedicated the staff is by the turnout at our Staff Training Weekends- this should be a good year!

This year s encampment will be held from June 25 - July 3, 2011, and there s already a waitlist for male cadet basics. However, females holding the rank of cadet airman or higher are encouraged to quickly forward a completed and signed CAP Form 31 to the Tri-Wing Encampment with a check for $125 (payable to CAP Tri-Wing). Upon receipt, applicants will receive additional forms which will need to be completed and returned prior to arrival. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. For more information including the mailing address for applications, visit the official 2011 Tri-Wing Encampment website at
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