Bowie Squadron Earns Cadet Programs Award

The Bowie Composite Squadron has earned the Quality Cadet Unit Award.  The honor is based on the unit’s achievements from the prior year, in this case 2011.

The award is objective, meaning it is based on the numbers. Civil Air Patrol’s National Headquarters began compiling and reviewing nationwide squadron performance on December 31st.  The criteria is made up of what NHQ believes to be the most important attributes of vibrant a cadet program. These include:
  • Wright Brother Awards
  • Enrollment of at least 35 cadets
  • Cadets’ participation in O-Flights
  • First-time encampment attendance by new cadets
  • Amount of Growth in cadet membership
  • Membership renewal among first year cadets
  • Whether a squadron is a recipient of the Aerospace Excellence Award
  • Number of adults in the squadron with recent TLC training
Cadet and composite squadrons meeting five of the eight criteria automatically earn the award. The Bowie Squadron earned six.

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