2012 Tri-Wing Encampment - Apply Now!

Registration for basic cadets is now open for the 2012 Tri-Wing Encampment to be held from July 7 - 15 at Camp Fretterd in Reisterstown, Maryland. 

Any cadet who has not yet attended should plan to go to encampment this summer. The event is the most significant, worthwhile training experience in a CAP cadet's career. It is a week-long basic training program and is required for the General Billy Mitchell Award. Encampment is designed to develop a greater understanding of CAP and Air Force missions and capabilities, personal and team leadership, and teamwork. 

The first step to apply for encampment is to complete the application form found under the Registration at the Tri-Wing website:  http://triwing.eastoncap.org/applybasic.phpUpon receipt, applicants will receive instructions for additional forms and payment which will need to be completed and returned prior to arrival.

Cadet Basics must have attained the grade of Cadet Airman (Curry Achievement) prior to submitting an application.  The deadline for applications for cadet basics is May 31, 2011 at 11:59  PM EDT.  Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

 (NOTE: In previous years, the encampment had a waiting list due to the high number of applications - it is highly encouraged to send in your application early.)

Visit the 2011 Tri-Wing Encampment Facebook page for pictures and information about last year's Encampment life.  Also check out the 2012 Tri-Wing Encampment Website at http://triwing.eastoncap.org/index.php

 1st Time Basic Cadets from MD Wing - $140
 Repeat Cadets and Cadet Staff - $140

For more information on preparing for your encampment experience, click here.

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