Members Recruit at Bowiefest

C/SSgt. Robert Carter (Left) and C/Lt Col Erich Welch work
a recruiting booth at Bowiefest in Bowie, Md.
(Photo Credit: Capt. Julie Holley, CAP)
Cadets and senior members spoke with visitors and answered questions about Civil Air Patrol at this year's Bowiefest. The annual event allows companies and volunteer organizations based in the City of Bowie to showcase what they have to offer and what they are contributing to the community.  Visitors to CAP's recruiting booth received hand-outs about CAP and information on unit meetings.

Capt. John Ralph tells a young visitor about Civil Air Patrol
and explains how the mini-jet was constructed.
(Photo Credit: Capt. Julie Holley, CAP)
The mini-jet was also on display.  Dozens of children and some adults used the opportunity to climb in, test it out and get their picture taken.The Bowie Squadron's exposure at Bowiefest serves as a major source of new members each year.